Hi, everyone.

This is my non political announcement! I thought that would get your attention. No, I am not running for anything, those days are over!

As we enter the primary season and spring, we see the sprouting of flowers and political signs. So I thought I would give you my platform, and again, I am not running for office.

The first thing I would promise is not to make promises I couldn’t keep, but these are the promises that I would make:

I would agree that whatever job I am running for, that I would work hard for the taxpayers, and look at ways to continue the progress we have made over the past few years. Yes, I do believe we have made progress. We aren’t where I want us to be, but we have made progress!

I would thank all of our industries and businesses for helping to bring unemployment down to under 6% (remember, in 2009 it was 11%). I would also thank them for all their support with donations to so many nonprofits in our town. I would offer any help that we could give them to continue this growth.

I would thank all of our nonprofits for their hard work and caring for the folks in our community, and offer any help that I could give them to reach their missions.

Next up, I would thank all of our city employees for their hard work, especially this past winter, and promise them that I would always have an open door policy. I believe we have a great group of hardworking employees that have the best interests of the city in mind when they go to work every day.

I would encourage everyone to keep their property up, and have a competition for the best neighborhoods. Recently, I visited my hometown of Windber, Pennsylvania, and that is what they do. The results are outstanding!

I would encourage our children to get involved in community projects, and sit down with all of our students who are in their junior year, and encourage them to stay in Bradford and help us to take our town to the next level.

I’m really not sure why these thoughts came to me today, but for those who know me, you know that I love this town, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I love walking down the street and saying hello to everyone. When my grandchildren visit and we go out, they count how many people say hello to me or I say hello to them. It’s funny, but it’s part of what is great about living in a town that you love!

See you next Friday!