General Patton on Leadership, Part Two.

Hi Everyone,

Last week we talked about General Patton’s and leadership, and this week we will continue with two of his leadership skills.

First up is, “Acceptance of responsibility:  Be boldly accountable”  Back in February 2001 the nuclear attack submarine USS Greenville surfaced and collided with a Japanese fishing trawler.  It sank quickly and nine people died.  The captain of the Greenville stood before a military court and said, “I accept full responsibility  and accountability for the actions of the crew”  At this point is sounded like the captain was taking full responsibility, but later he went on to blame the officer of the deck for inadequate precautions during the surfacing maneuver.  He went on to say, “I did not micromanage my crew.  I empowered them to do their jobs.”

But delegate does not mean abdicate.  Although a leader empowers others to get the job done, the leader is still fully responsible and accountable for the results.

I remember when I was with Walmart, we had many rules for selling guns.  One of those was proper inventory of the guns, and if one came up missing the store manager was held responsible.  I couldn’t blame my managers, because it was my responsibility.  I also seen many times when my managers tried to blame their subordinates for something that they were responsible for, and we would have a talk about responsibilities, and I would remind them as leaders that is our job to take full responsibility when something went bad.

Next up is, “Energy: Be boldly vigorous”  It is not enough to be mentally, morally, and spiritually committed to your bold course of action.  You must also commit every ounce of energy to ensuring that your course of action succeeds.

If you remember in previous blogs, I mentioned how you should enter your building, always be positive and smiling.  Well energy is contagious, if you live boldly, people around you will be emboldened. If you have confidence in yourself, people around you will be confident.  If you display energy and enthusiasm, you will inspire energy and enthusiasm in others.

Look at all the motivational speakers that are out there, look at how they come on the stage, smiling, full of energy.  I always look forward to the launch of Apple products, because the launch is always upbeat, lots of energy, and we all know that leads to great sales for Apple.

So next week, I want you all to be full of energy, enthusiasm, smiling, and giving words of encouragement to your team, and than let me know how you team reacts.  I know they will start doing the same thing!

Have a great week, and we will see you next Friday!!



  1. Good morning,
    I would like to say that this is the way I feel about every day! If you can’t have a little energy or humor, then you had better then have a lot! Those who know me know this. Please read this out there and heed the message as it is great! Thanks Ron. Responsibility and accountability are sadly missing today!

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