Heart of a Leader Part Three

Hi Everyone,This week I am going to continue to review the book “Heart of a Leader.”

Purpose has to do with one’s calling–deciding what business you are in as a person”  This is one of my favorite sayings in Heart of a Leader, and it ties in with a story about Alfred Nobel, originator of the Nobel Peace Prize.  Alfred’s brother had died and the next morning Alfred purchased a newspaper to see what they said about his brother.  Surprisingly the paper made a mistake and gave an obituary on Alfred..  As a young man Alfred was involved in the invention of dynamite, and his premature obituary told of the terrible death and destruction that dynamite had caused.  Nobel was devastated, he wanted to be known as a man of “peace”. and I think you know the rest of the story.

This story was on the last page of Heart of a Leader, and I have to tell you it has had the most impact on me over the last 17 years.  Like Alfred, I  to wanted to leave a great legacy.  I believe that God made us to be the best we can be.  I am often asked why I am involved in so many things, the only answer I can give is that this story really changed my life.  It’s hard to believe that one book made such a difference.

Taking this one step further, “Purpose can never be about achievement, it is much bigger”  Have you ever thought about your own obituary, sounds kind of morbid right?, but it could serve as a dream–a big picture of what you want your life to be. Put aside youy  lesser self and go with your best self.  I can guarantee that if you get involved in any project, rather it is for your church, your community, your children’s school, sports team or a non profit, once you do it, the rewards of completing a project or mission is very rewarding.

One of the things that we are most proud of at the chamber, is organizations are now coming to us asking for advise in promoting their projects, and I have to tell you that are staff gets excited to help folks with their mission.

A great example of a project we did last year was in November our staff decided to decorate the Gazebo for Christmas, we did it on a day when it was 12 degrees, but we had a ball, and the results were  overwhelming.  We did it for our town, we did it to bring a little joy to our community, we did it because we all love Bradford!

As you begin, remember that every journey begins with a single step, and moves along one step at a time.  Enjoy the trip!

Next week will be the last review of “Heart of a Leader” and then I am going to cover my next favorite subject, “Customer Service”

Have a great week, and we will see you next Friday!



  1. Ron,

    Your blog post today really struck a chord for me. At St. Bonaventure, I have my students do an exercise where they write their own obituaries. It is sort of morbid to them at first but as you point out, the idea is intended to help them live their lives with more purpose. After they write their obituaries, I have them create a personal mission statement to help them develop a more thoughtful journey through life. I would love to share your blog with them – if that is okay with you — as your actions and thoughts reflect everything I am trying to teach.

    You are truly leaving a legacy. Thanks for all you do for the community!


  2. Another inspiring post, Ron! So very true for me – the greatest reward I have is serving others! I applaud your blog and enjoy revisiting your past posts.

    • Hi Chris,
      I agree, it is truly a reward to serve our community. There is so much more I want to do, and I hope that God allows me good health to keep going with my missions. Thank you for your support and replies.


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