Are you a Visionary Leader?

Hi Everyone,
Do you all remember back in 1991 when President George H. Bush sent troops into Kuwait to drive out Saddam Hussien.  After completing that mission, his approval rating went up to 85%.  A year later his approval rating dropped and he lost his reelection bid to Bill Clinton.  Looking back on 1991, President Bush became a caretaker and not a visionary.   If he had said, I have a new vision for America, and campaigned on that vision he might have won.

Ronald Reagan had a great quote on vision, “Grasp and hold a vision is the very essence of leadership” I really don’t think that you can be a great leader without having a vision of what you and your team want to accomplish.  You need to look at the future and see what is best for your business.  Pat Williams in his book, “Paradox of Power” said, “A true vision is always good news; it is always optimistic”

Think about Walt Disney, he spent his whole life seeing what was not there–and turning his vision into reality.  After completing Disney Land in California, he had another vision in Florida.  He died in 1966, almost five years before Disney World opened in Orlando.  On the day the new park opened, a visitor commented to Mike Vance, Creative Director of Walt Disney Studios, “Isn’t it too bad Walt Disney didn’t live to see this?”  Oh. but he did see it,”  Vance Replied.  “That’s why it’s here.”  Walt Disney truly defined the word “vision”

I really believe that as a leader if you have vision, those around you can do the impossible.  Everyone loves a challenge and your team will be excited to help you accomplish your vision.

As I have been saying over the last 11 weeks, the greatest reward for any leader is to create new leaders.  I truly believe that if you are a visionary, and an optimistic person, your team will see that and they too will become better leaders.

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  1. You and the wisdom you share are always an inspiration to me. I usually learn a little something about myself when I read them.

    • Thanks Teri, I just counted and I have over 100 books on leadership so there is a lot more to come. If you ever want to borrow any of them let me know. Have a good weekend!!

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