Hi Everyone,

One of my favorite subjects is hospitality and customer service.  No matter where I go to eat,shop, or spend a night, I’m always looking for that “Wow”experience! You know the one where the person taking care of you goes out of their way to make you say, “WOW!”  If you think about it, it really doesn’t take a lot of effort, sometimes just asking someone how their day is going is sufficient. I love the latest commercial where someone does something nice for someone, and that person does something nice for the next person.

Now let’s talk about that“WOW” factor. I heard a great story about a business person who went into a little restaurant in New York City.  Her waiter asked what she would like to drink, and she said an RC Cola. Of course, the restaurant didn’t have RC Cola, and she understood, and proceeded to order her meal with a glass of ice water. The waiter took her order back to the kitchen, and told his boss he had to run down the street for his customer. He left the restaurant and came back with a bottle of RC Cola, and was proud to bring it to the customer with her meal.  As you can imagine,she was blown away.   She asked where he had gotten the cola, and he told her that he knew the little grocery store down the street carried it.  Every time this person came back to the city, she asked for this young man to wait on her, until one day they said he wasn’t there anymore,but had been promoted to run another one of their restaurants.  That is the “WOW” factor. Look at the results of a simple gesture, (and I’m sure he received a very nice tip).

I spent my entire career in retail,and I always felt rewarded when I made a customer happy. I always tried to encourage my associates to do the same.when I was with Wal-mart,  I encouraged them to “WOW” their customers, and we would talk every day in our meetings about how we did that.I could tell you tons of stories about some great customer service, but I’m sure you get the point.  Finally, I must add, that hospitality works both ways.I was always taught that if you treat someone nicely, they will usually treat you the same way.

So stop on down to 121 Main Street, we will treat you to a cup of great coffee, and tell us about your great customer service experiences.